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Authorized Third Party Services

Getting Started in the Third Party Program

An increasing number of people are turning to private companies for vehicle title and registration services. There are more than 160 Authorized Third Party (ATP) provider locations statewide. Millions of people already conduct business using existing MVD-operated field offices, but many have only recently discovered the third parties, which have been in existence since the mid-1990s.

For their services, Arizona law provides third parties a retention fee for some transactions. ATPs are also permitted to assess convenience charges in addition to the standard MVD fees that customers pay in the field offices and online.

MVD monitors the performance of ATP offices to ensure that, among other things, transactions are properly carried out and timely fund transfers are made to MVD. There's a potential for sanctions if a company does not meet the required standards.

View a list of list of Authorized Third Party offices.

Included with this packet are these items:

  • Third Party Authorization Interest
    • For consideration, this form must be submitted indicating your proposed business location.
  • Business plan requirements
    • Details the information required in the proposed business plan, that is to be submitted by the applicant
  • Third-Party Surety Bond Preapproval

Please return the Third Party Authorization Interest form and pre-approval surety bond to Title and Registration, Driver License Partnerships at this address:

    Motor Vehicle Division
    MD 532M
    P.O. Box 2100
    Phoenix, AZ 85001

Initial Site Visit

Once your information is received, the proposed business location will be evaluated by the program to determine the proximity to existing ATP provider locations and those that are currently in the implementation process.

The program implementation coordinator will contact you to schedule an initial visit of your proposed business location. This will consist of a general overview of your proposed operations, including the surrounding vicinity to ensure it meets MVD standards.

For the hours and locations of MVD offices along with current ATP providers, please visit MVD Hours and Locations.

If the location is acceptable, notification will be sent to the applicant, reaffirming the business plan is due within 30 days. ADOT/MVD does not charge application fees. However, a $100,000 Third Party Surety Bond preapproval is required and must be included in the business plan. The surety bond approval may be obtained through an insurance or bonding agency. Please do not purchase the bond at this early stage.

Business Plan Review

Once the proposed business plan is completed and submitted to the program, it will be reviewed internally by a panel of qualified members of ADOT/MVD. If needed, a meeting may be scheduled with the applicant to discuss their plan further, to review additional information/requirements or both.

The ATP Opening Schedule specifies a detailed timeline of the application process and its deadlines for submission. Deadlines for submission and review are strictly regulated; therefore, applicants are strongly encouraged to thoroughly review said schedule and determine how it counterparts with the proposed opening date.

Minimum Security Requirements

The following items are minimum standards required for all ATPs to conduct business as an authorized service provider to ADOT/MVD:

  • Secure storeroom
    • Must be approved by ADOT/MVD
    • Must be large enough to store a minimum of three years' worth of MVD data processing and inventory
    • Does not contain windows
    • Does not contain "drop-down" ceilings
    • Must contain a safe approved by ADOT/MVD
  • Motion detector/surveillance camera, including offsite monitored reporting alarm system approved by ADOT/MVD
  • Computer terminals dedicated for MVD processing and limited to authorized personnel
Affiliated Costs

The following items are a list of initial expenses affiliated with the application process. Note: This does not include general business expenses (e.g., lease, payroll, office supplies, etc.)

  • Criminal Records Check (DPS/FBI)
  • Certification fee
    • $30 per applicant who will undergo the Third Party Certification Course
  • Third Party Surety Bond, $100,000 per location
    • In accordance with ARS 28 5104 (inquire with insurance or bonding agent for fees)
  • Potential renovations to meet security requirements
  • Commercial liability insurance (inquire with insurance agency)
  • Technical equipment (e.g., computer, desktop printer(s), impact printer, etc.)
  • Data circuit dedicated to ADOT
  • ADOT Certified IT Vendor to install and load software
  • Banking supplies
    • These will be provided to the third party initially and billed later.
Processor Training Options

The following options are available for your employees to become certified to perform third-party transactions on behalf of your company. Please see Third Party Certified Processor Guidelines for further information:

  • Hire an experienced individual who is currently certified by ADOT/MVD.
  • Enroll the individual in the MVD third-party certification course. The cost is a $30 certification fee per applicant. The class is approximately four to five weeks long.
  • Provide on-the-job Training (OJT). New individuals can participate in on-the-job training at the third-party location if the third party employs a certified processor with an accuracy rate of at least 95 percent. Upon completion of OJT, the trainee must successfully pass a test to receive certification.
Other Required Documents

If you have any questions, please contact Title and Registration, Driver License Partnerships at [email protected].