Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Drivers can help prevent dangerous roadway debris

From seat belts and dust storms, to snow, work zones and tire pressure – we know that you know there are plenty of things to consider before getting on the road…  

But, do you ever think much about roadway debris? It’s a potential danger all drivers should be aware of – it’s also something that everyone can help prevent.

“ADOT maintenance crews are picking up tons of debris in any given year and our crews wind up picking everything, including the kitchen sink,” says ADOT’s Doug Nintzel in the video above.

Last year, crews picked up more than 36 tons of rubber alone. There were also appliances, luggage, mattresses, ladders, furniture, buckets and your average everyday litter.

What can you do?
Drivers need to make sure their vehicle loads are tied down and covered. It’s also important not to overload your vehicle. To cut down on the chances of having a blowout (that’s what contributes to the tons and tons of rubber out on the roads), it’s essential that you maintain your vehicle’s tires and make sure they’re at the proper pressure.

“Make sure that you’re not letting things fly off your vehicle,” Nintzel says in the video. “It’s about keeping drivers and their passengers safe.”

Get more information about ADOT’s maintenance crews, by checking out these previous blog posts. For a look at how volunteers help ADOT combat roadside litter, read our blog posts on Adopt a Highway.
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