Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thousands of tumbling tumbleweeds roll into wash

An ADOT Highway Operations Supervisor came across a sight Monday morning that he’s never seen before …

As he was driving by Jeddito Wash on SR 87, Elliott Koinva noticed that thousands of tumbleweeds had clustered together to form a kind of solid wall.

“The wash is about 15 feet deep and about 20 feet wide,” Koinva said. “The whole wash was filled with tumbleweeds.”

He suspects an overnight storm north of the wash must have carried the tumbleweeds down. There were so many tumbleweeds that a box culvert got clogged and some flooding occurred.

Although there normally are a lot of tumbleweeds in this area, near Second Mesa, Monday morning’s occurrence was something extraordinary.

“This was the first time this has happened,” Koinva said. “I was surprised.”

ADOT’s Holbrook District Superinendent Lindy Sherrer says ADOT crews will use pitch forks to start clearing out the box culvert. Because the area’s flooded, machinery won’t be used until some of the water drains away.
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