Programs and Partnerships


Partnering is a process of collaborative teamwork. It allows groups to achieve measurable results by establishing a mission using common goals and shared objectives. ADOT partnering facilitators help build important pathways for professional communication. Our extended services guide groups and individuals in developing communication processes and effective techniques. These are some of the services ADOT facilitators provide:

  • Partnering workshops
  • Conflict resolution and intervention
  • Partnering training
  • Communication process improvement
  • Team building
  • Leadership coaching
  • Committee development
  • Relationship management

Download Partnering 101: A Guide to the Basics of Partnering with ADOT.

Types of Partnerships

There are three kinds of partnerships: project, public and internal.

Project Partnerships

Project partnerships are those among and between public and private entities (e.g., between a department of transportation and a contractor) governed by a buyer-seller contract.

Public Partnerships

Public partnerships are among and between departments of transportation; other state, local and federal agencies; and nongovernmental stakeholders. View the list of Public Partnerships and related documents.

Internal Partnerships

Internal partnerships are among and between members and work units of the same organization.