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Please contact the Office of Partnering for more information. Note: ADOT employees should check the ADOT Learning Center for scheduled classes.

Class Descriptions

Introduction to Partnering: Part 1 (Available Online)

Partnering is a process of collaborative teamwork to achieve measurable results through agreements and productive working relationships. This computer-based training provides participants an overview of partnering principles, processes and practices. Introduction to Partnering: Part 1 is mandatory for new ADOT supervisors, managers and other employees in construction and maintenance.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a confirmation email verifying your achievement, and the ADOT Office of Partnering will be notified.


ADOT employees
are required to register and take the course through the ADOT Learning Center to earn credit.

External parties should click here to register and begin Introduction to Partnering.

Introduction to Partnering: Part 2

This class currently consists of participation in a construction partnering workshop. For dates and locations of construction partnering workshops in your area contact us at Partnering Info.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Partnering: Part 1

How to Make Partnering Work in the Field (Five-Hour Class)

Applying partnering principles and practices in the field is the key to successful projects. This customized class is a half-day interactive, practical and informative program that builds relationships among the project team members. It is designed for those responsible for making partnering work in the field.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Partnering: Part 1; knowledge of partnering principles and practices

Registration: SCHEDULED THROUGH THE OFFICE OF PARTNERING, UPON REQUEST BY A PROJECT TEAM. Please contact the Office of Partnering for more information.

Introduction to Facilitation (Two-Day Class)

In this two-day interactive class, participants will learn about collaborative teamwork and facilitation skills to promote efficient, productive meetings in their work areas. Introduction to Facilitation will help you understand group dynamics to promote teams that work together productively and cohesively. In this course, you will learn how basic facilitation skills can ensure that a group conducts successful meetings. Participants will learn core competencies needed to begin team facilitation and practice skills in class.

Please note: While this course is administered through the Office of Partnering, it is not designed to train ADOT personnel either to be partnering facilitators or to conduct their own partnering workshops.

Registration: ADOT employees should register for this course through the ADOT Learning Center.

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