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Adopt a Highway

The Adopt a Highway program is an opportunity for community members to help keep our highways litter free. Tons of trash are picked up every year by Adopt a Highway programs participants nationwide. You can be a part of positive change by joining the volunteer or sponsor programs that help keep our highways beautiful.

There are two ways to Adopt a Highway at ADOT. The Adopt a Highway:

  • Volunteer program consists of volunteers who apply for and receive a two year permit to cleanup roadside litter.
  • Sponsor program works with businesses that contract with maintenance providers to cleanup roadside litter.

To report littering, call the Litter Hotline at 1.877.3LITTER or 1.877.354.8837.

For more information on litter prevention, visit Keep Arizona Beautiful.

For more information about ways to address the negative impact of freeway litter, visit Don't Trash AZ!

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Adopt a Highway
Here's a small sample of groups who participated in hundreds of cleanups this summer.
21 people / 14 bags
Forest Lakes Home Owners Association
Coconino County

16 people / 50 bags
Hubbell Trdg. Post Staff
Apache County

3 people / 37 bags
Green Valley Litter Patrol
Pima County


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July 24, 2013

Still going strong after two decades of volunteer service, one Arizona family is working to keep SR 264 clean and beautiful through ADOT's Adopt a Highway program. Full story ...

Adopt a Highway
Adopt a Highway volunteers are appreciated

Jan. 12, 2012

Adopt a Highway volunteers never can predict what they're going to find out on the road. From discarded cigarettes and fast food wrappers to cake mix and bobble heads, they have not only seen it all, but they've picked it all up. Full story ...

Adopt a Highway Littering Sign
Adopt a Highway to help maintain Arizona's beauty

May 20, 2011

It's a sad truth, but trash thrown onto our state's roadways really adds up. Did you know that more than 800 tons of trash gets picked up in Arizona each year? We owe a big thanks to the thousands of volunteers who take on that cleanup effort through ADOT's Adopt a Highway program. Full story ...

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