Environmental Guidance Documents

General Information

This page contains general information on district engineers, cover page templates, interactive state maps and environmental planning.

NEPA Planning Guidance

For documents pertaining to categorical exclusions, environmental assessments, geotechnical clearance, Section 4(f), environmental justice, privately funded projects and NEPA regulations and processes, go to this page.

NEPA Process Guidance

The EPG NEPA Process Guidance is an online resource to aid ADOT, local public agencies and consultants in planning, preparing, and submitting environmental documents in support of proposed transportation federal aid projects.

Technical Guidance

Find on this page technical guidance on air quality, noise abatement, hazardous materials, biology, wildlife connectivity, cultural resources and the Arizona Historic Bridge Inventory.

Material Source Guidance

For any given project, the contractor supplies the needed materials by using either an ADOT-licensed source or a contractor-furnished source. Whether the material source is an ADOT-licensed source or contractor-furnished source, it requires environmental approval prior to every use.

Section 404/401 Procedures

These procedures provide guidance on the preparation of jurisdictional delineations, Nationwide Permit preconstruction notification submittals and Individual Permit applications.