SOQ Received List

Contract Number:   2013-022.01
Contract Description:   On-Call Statewide testing for Asphalt Binder, Crumb Rubber Asphalt, Emulsified Asphalt and AC Mix Te
Contract Tracs #:   HLABS02X

Consultant (Count:4)
Sub Consultant
AMEC Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure Inc.
Joseph A. Phillips
4600 E Washington Ave Suite 600
Phoenix AZ 85034
Ph: 602.733.6000
Fax: 602.733.6100
Email: [email protected]

Smith & Annala Engineering Company
Michael Smith
5861 S. Kyrene Rd., Ste 5
Tempe Arizona 85283
Ph: 480.659.4101
Fax: 480.659.5484
Email: [email protected]

Speedie & Associates, Inc.
Gregg A. Creaser, P.E.
3331 E. Wood St.
Phoenix AZ 85040
Ph: 602.997.6391
Fax: 602.943.5508
Email: [email protected]

Western Technologies, Inc. - Phoenix
Randolph Marwig
3737 E. Broadway Rd.
Phoenix AZ 85040
Ph: 602.437.3737
Fax: 602.470.1341
Email: [email protected]

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