Engineering Consultants

Local Public Agency Consultant Procurement

How to Apply

Step 1: Contact the ADOT LPA Process Manager

Susan Anderson, P.E., Process Manager
Local Public Agency Section
Arizona Department of Transportation
1615 W. Jackson St.
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: 602.712.6960

Step 2: Using Self-Administered (SA) Projects
Option 1: Using ADOT-Administered (AA) Projects

Regardless of project source (e.g., UPM, MAG, PAG, etc.), LPAs must contact the appropriate ADOT section project manager (PM), who provides the TRACS number, to request the use of one of the ADOT-Administered on-call contracts.

Once a TRACS number is obtained, the LPAs must contact ADOT SPMG senior PM listed below, who assigns the on-call contracts to the LPAs based on equal-distribution-of-work federal guideline, to obtain an on-call firm.

Seth Kaufman, Senior Project Manager
Statewide Project Management Group (SPMG)
Arizona Department of Transportation
205 S. 17th Ave.
Room 295
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: 602.712.7510

Option 2: Using Self-Administered (SA) Projects

This option allows the LPAs to advertise and administer A/E services contract by obtaining approval from ADOT. ECS initiates review after receipt of ADOT-approved Self-Administration Consideration Request Form.

LPAs must complete ECS Local Public Agency Review Checklist (referred to as LPA Review Checklist), attach supporting documentation and send the electronic versions (MS Word) of the documents, if available, to the ECS staff listed below.

Sanja Katic-Jauhar, Contract Manager
Engineering Consultants Section (ECS)
Arizona Department of Transportation
205 S. 17th Ave.
Room 293E, MD 616E
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: 602.712.7720

ECS will conduct an SA review using information from the LPA Review Checklist and may contact the LPAs for additional information or for clarification, if necessary. After the review, ECS sends a Review Memo to the ADOT LPA Process Manager for SA application status (i.e., conditional approval, final approval, etc.). An LPA's final approval is granted after the LPA addresses items, if any, listed in the conditional approval memo.

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