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The following documents and miscellaneous items are available for download.

Document/Item Name
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File Size (KB) Description
ADOT Ramp Metering Design Guide 23MB
Guide for ramp metering warrant checking, designing and installation for ADOT FMS
ADOT Ramp Metering Design Guide Errata Jan. 2015 117KB

ADOT System Wide Ramp Metering Evaluation 2.3MB Final project report published in November 2013 by the project team
Control Room photo 89 View of the state-of-the-art systems and control center
CCTV-PhxMetro_v20111014.pdf 865

File showing location of all cameras (Closed Circuit TeleVision; CCTV) along Phoenix metro freeways.

Alternate list, showing lat/long of each CCTV.

DMS Masterplan 25000 Guidelines for location and placement of permanent DMSs.
DMS-PhxMetro_v20111113.pdf 976 Map showing location and status, within Phoenix metro area, of ADOT Dynamic Message Signs. See also DMS-Statewide map below.
DMS-Statewide-090107.pdf 186 Map showing location and status of ADOT Dynamic Message Signs. See also
DMS-PhxMetro map above.

DMS Travel Time Evaluation Report


Report on multiyear study of posting travel times on DMSs.
FMS Communications Master Plan 4800 Freeway Management System, Communications Master Plan
ITS Design Guide

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2.9MB Intelligent Transportation System Design Guide

The current version is May 2015.

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FMS-PhxMetro-030110.pdf 430 Map showing past, present, and future Freeway Management System projects for the Phoenix area.
ITS Standard Drawings
Link Project Development Standards – July 2014

Project Literature


Literature specific to Freeway Management System (FMS) projects.
RCN Newsletter 1 (Fall 2008)
RCN Newsletter 2 (Fall 2009)
Regional Community Network, connecting agencies in Maricopa County
Systems Engineering Checklist 143 For use with all federally funded ITS projects.

Civil RightsTitle VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)