Signing and Marking Standard Drawings


This page provides links to PDF versions of Traffic Engineering Signing and Marking Standard Drawings which were issued as a set in 2014, along with subsequent modified versions of that drawing. Note that these drawings have been superseded or deleted, and are provided for reference purposes only.

Series Drawing Number Drawing Name Revision Date
M M-2 (2/3)
Intersection Striping (Two-Lane Rural June 2014
M M-17
Freeway Lane Drop Pavement Markings June 2014
M M-19 (5/9)
Pavement Marking Details for Undivided Highways June 2014
M M-19 (8/9)
Lane Drop Marking and Ramp or Intersection Guide Striping June 2014
S S-7 (3/3)
Aluminum Extrusion Exit Panel Installation Detail June 2014

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