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Mailing Address
1615 W. Jackson St.
MD 061R
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: 602.712.7766

Maysa Hanna,
State Traffic Engineer

Administrative Services Officer

Ron W. Smith,
Consultant Contracts Analyst

Contact the Traffic Group for information regarding

  • facilitating contact with customers.
  • administering consultant contracts for engineering tasks.

Traffic Standards

Richard Moeur,
Traffic Standards Engineer

Contact Traffic Standards for information regarding

  • policies and procedures for traffic engineering statewide.
  • questions regarding traffic engineering references and resources.

Regional Traffic Engineers

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Phoenix Metro Area and Phoenix Districts

Vacant, Phoenix Region Traffic Engineer

Tucson, Safford and the Southern Half of Globe District

James Gomes, Southern Region Traffic Engineer

Kingman, Prescott and Yuma Districts

James Bramble, Western Region Traffic Engineer

Flagstaff, Holbrook and the Northern Half of Globe District

Kent Link, Northern Region Traffic Engineer

Contact the appropriate regional traffic engineer for information regarding operations and maintenance issues affecting traffic-related items on nonfreeway state highways in the region, including signs, pavement markings, traffic signals and street lighting.


Traffic Design

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Vacant, State Traffic Design Manager

Urban Area Team (Phoenix and Tucson Districts)

Scott Orrahood, Team Manager

Northern Area Team (Kingman, Flagstaff, Holbrook and the Northern Half of Globe District)

Scott Nodes, Team Manager

Southern Area Team (Prescott, Yuma, Safford and the Southern Half of Globe District)

Hasina Luna, Team Manager

Contact the Traffic Design Section for information regarding

  • designing plans, specifications and estimates for traffic control devices and treatments for highways in the region, including signs, pavement markings, temporary traffic control, traffic signals, roadway illumination and lighting.
  • analyzing and implementing freeway operations improvements, and managing and designing freeway signing update projects statewide.
  • conducting speed zoning studies, traffic signal warrant studies and other general traffic design and operations studies.

Richard Weeks,
State Traffic Safety Engineer

Mona Aglan-Swick
Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Manager

Contact the Traffic Safety Team for information regarding

  • investigating and recommending improvements and countermeasures for crash reductions on state highways.
  • serving as the focal point of statewide Safety Management System and Crash Modification Factors Clearinghouse.
  • conducting Road Safety Assessments on state, local, and tribal roadways across the state.
  • implementing and updating the Arizona Strategic Highway Safety Plan.
  • managing, designing and overseeing projects in the Highway Safety Improvement Program.

Traffic Operations

Mailing Address
2104 S. 22nd Ave.
MD 013R
Phoenix, AZ 85009
Phone: 602.712.7752

Bashir Hassan,
State Traffic Operations Engineer

Mohamed Elomeri,
Statewide Striping Engineer

Karim Rashid,
Statewide Signals and Lighting Manager

Ann Phillips,
Statewide Signal Coordination Manager

Contact the Traffic Operations Section for information regarding

  • providing technical expertise and maintenance for electrical equipment on highways and freeways.
  • developing and administering the design and implementation of new traffic signal coordination systems.
  • partnering with local agencies in the planning, development and implementation of signal progression systems.
  • establishing guidelines for signal system prioritization.
  • disseminating current technology on traffic signal operations and coordination to the Regional Traffic Engineering offices.
  • paying electrical costs for the operation of signals, lighting and related equipment.
  • partnering with the Construction Group, other agencies and contractors by providing a timely source of quality traffic products and communications equipment statewide.
  • fabricating freeway and highway signs.
  • maintaining roadway striping and signing for freeways.
  • providing support to the four Regional Traffic offices.
  • assisting in research and development of traffic control device specifications.
  • providing technical expertise to develop and evaluate contracts for traffic control devices.
  • responding to emergency situations statewide.
  • responding to risk management requests and situations.

Traffic Records

Rick Turner,
Traffic Records Section Manager

Traffic Records Section is mandated by state statute to maintain a statistical database of all reported motor vehicle crashes in Arizona, known as the Accident Location Identification and Surveillance System (ALISS). This information is then used for safety assessments and to determine eligibility for dedicated federal highway safety funding.

Contact this section for information regarding

  • entering all reported motor vehicle crashes into ALISS.
  • providing data to support the national Fatal Accident Records System (FARS).
  • performing analysis of crash statistics.
  • providing data to state and local agencies.
  • responding to data requests from civic and private groups.
  • publishing the annual summary Statewide Crash Facts.