Roadway Engineering

Roadside Development

The Roadside Development Section provides landscape, architectural and environmental technical design direction and expertise for ADOT projects statewide. Technical direction and expertise include development of plans and specifications and review of consultant plans involving aesthetic enhancements and design, environmental mitigation and landscape ecological restoration, stormwater quality and erosion control, seeding and revegetation, native plant salvage and replanting, landscape and irrigation design, and statewide rest area program and design.

Landscape Architectural Service and Design
Stormwater and Erosion/Sediment Control Maps and Manuals
Erosion/Sediment and Water Quality Protection Best Management Practices (BMP) Details
Stored Specifications for Erosion/Sediment Control and Water Quality Protection
Revegetation and Native Seed Mix Design, Environmental Mitigation and Landscape Ecological Design, Native Plant Salvage and Replanting
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