The Construction Group provides oversight of the Statewide Construction Program, provides quality and financial information to management regarding construction projects and provides staff support to the district and field offices. Services provided include construction policy development, claim analysis, construction publications and reference materials, supplemental on-call staffing, and landscape inspection/consultation. The Construction Group consists of the Consultant Contract Administration, Value and Quality Assurance, Field Reports and the EIT Program.

ADOT Construction Manual

The ADOT Construction Manual is based on the Arizona Department of Transportation Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction and is organized in the same manner.

Contractor Information

Visit these pages for information regarding forms, links and documents of interest to contractors. You will also find a section on frequently asked questions.

Consultant Contract Administration

The responsibility of the Consultant Contracts office is to develop and negotiate all outside service construction contracts. These contracts are developed for projects identified by ADOT districts to be assigned for construction contract administration and construction materials testing assistance.

Field Reports

The Field Reports section processes submittals from the field, including monthly pay estimates, quantity documentation and other project reports. They approve all subcontractors and serve as the Labor Compliance Office. Field Reports personnel can answer questions about contract documentation and record-keeping requirements.

Value Engineering

Value Engineering is a function-oriented, systematic, team approach to eliminate and prevent unnecessary cost.

Alternative Contracting
This page contains links to requests to review contract modifications, stipulated fee information and AASHTO's "Primer on Contracting for the Twenty-First Century."
Construction Bulletins

This page contains links to all Construction Bulletins dating back to the year 2002.


The Quantlist checklists contained in these pages were developed by ADOT for ADOT administered projects using ADOT specifications and standards.


This page contains links to posters that employers can print and post in communal areas for employees to see.

Work-Zone Safety and Mobility

This page contains information regarding ADOT's Intermodal Transportation Division Work-Zone Safety and Mobility Policy and Implementation Guidelines. 

Contact Us

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