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Management and Support

The CADD Management and Support section provides technical support for ADOT's CADD system. The support includes

  • installing/configuring software and providing user support.
  • providing user training.
  • acting as the central contact point and distributor for the ADOT standard CADD resource files and documentation used by consultants working on ADOT projects.

ADOT started using an Intergraph CADD system in 1986. The original system consisted of two VAX 785s and 24 68000 Intermap workstations.

In 1991, ADOT started to migrate to the client-server environment. The remaining VAX and the last two 68000 Intermap workstations were retired the first week of July 1995. In 1998, the CADD system underwent a system refresh. Windows NT 4.0 became the standard operating system for the CADD system. In 2005, in conjunction with a PC refresh, Windows 2000 Professional became the standard operating system for the CADD system.

ADOT's CADD system currently consists of HP workstations and PCs, HP servers, and Xerox, HP and OCE plotters, all networked via Ethernet area network using Windows XP operating system.


ADOT's standard CADD graphics software is MicroStation, and it is required on all in-house and consultant projects.

In addition to MicroStation, ADOT uses
  • InRoads Suite, Bentley's design tools for roads, sites, survey and storm and sanitary systems.
  • Iplot, Bentley's network plotting software.
  • SignCAD, sign-creation software.
  • AutoTURN, Transoft's dynamics simulator that shows how a vehicle traverses a path.
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