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Position Person Phone
Assistant State Engineer/Group Manager Trent Kelso 602.712.4368
Transportation Manager Steve Beasley 602.712.7645
Transportation Manager Velvet Mathew 602.712.3062
Administrative Assistant II Marla Heiler 602.712.8555

Phoenix, 1611 W. Jackson, Phoenix, AZ 85007 – MD EM01

Position Person Phone
Senior Project Manager Vacant 602.712.7559
Project Manager Monica Baiza 602.712.4711
Project Coordinator Lynn Grandy 602.712.7614
Project Manager Nasreen Hasan 602.712.4493
Project Manager Bharat Kandel 602.712.8736
Project Manager Robert Knighten 602.712.8569
Project Manager Ron McCally 602.712.7646
Project Manager Adam McGuire 602.712.8403
Project Manager Owen Mills 602.712.8695
Project Manager Eric Prosnier 602.712.8495
Project Manager Amy Ritz 602.712.4691
Project Manager Vacant 602.712.4695
Senior Project Manager Victor Yang 602.712.8715
Project Manager Mohammad Zaid 602.712.8467

Tucson, 1221 S. 2nd Ave. Tucson, AZ 85713 – MD T100

Position Person Phone
Project Manager David Brauer 520.388.4263
Senior Project Manager Greg Byres 520.338.4264
Project Manager Corrine Garey 520.388.xxxx
Project Manager Jody Rodriguez 520.388.4218
Project Manager Sarah Spencer 520.388.4260

Local Public Agency

Local Public Agency Project Manager Phone
All Other Agencies Call for PM 602.712.8555
Chandler Eric Prosnier 602.712.8495
Local HSIP Projects Owen Mills 602.712.8695
Maricopa County Monica Baiza
Mesa Ron McCally 602.712.7646
Phoenix Adam McGuire 602.712.8403
Pima County Ronald McCally 602.712.7646
Scottsdale Eric Prosnier 602.712.4695
Tempe Nasreen Hasan 602.712.4493
Tucson Bharat Kandel 602.712.8736

Phoenix-Area Corridor/Segment Managers

This is a general listing and is subject to change. Other statewide or nonresident project managers may manage some specific spot-improvement projects.

Freeway Contact Number
Papago Freeway
County Line to SR 51
Owen Mills 602.712.8695
Fairway Drive TI
Owen Mills 602.712.8695
Maricopa Freeway
SR 51 to Riggs Road
Steve Beasley 602.712.7645
Black Canyon Freeway (Phoenix District)
I-10 Maricopa to New River Rd
Eric Prosnier
SR 24, Gateway Freeway Ron McCally 602.712.7646
SR 30, SR 85 to Loop 202 Owen Mills 602.712.8695
SR 51,
Piestewa Freeway
Ron McCally 602.712.7646
US 60,
Grand Avenue
Mohammad Zaid 602.712.8467
US 60,
Grand Avenue/Bell Road TI
Owen Mills 602.712.8695
US 60,
Superstition Freeway
Steve Beasley 602.712.7645
SR 74,
Lake Pleasant Road to I-17
Steve Beasley 602.712.7645
SR 85,
I-8 to I-10 (Papago)
Velvet Mathew 602.712.3062
SR 87,
Duthie-Martin Highway
Steve Beasley 602.712.7645
Loop 101,
Agua Fria Freeway
Pima Freeway
Price Freeway
Ron McCally 602.712.7646
SR 143,
Sky Harbor Freeway
Steve Beasley 602.712.7645
Loop 202,
Red Mountain Freeway
SR 51 to Gilbert Road
Gilbert Road to US 60
Mohammad Zaid 602.712.8467
Loop 202,
Santan Freeway
I-10 to Gilbert Road
Gilbert Road to US 60
Steve Beasley 602.712.7645
Loop 202,
South Mountain Freeway
Carmelo Acevedo 602.712.7559
Loop 303,
Riggs Road to I-10
US 60 / Loop 303 TI
US 60 / Grand to I-17

Eric Prosnier
Bharat Kandel
Bharat Kandel

Phoenix Minor Projects Monica Baiza