Historic Roads

List of Historic Roads

Holbrook District

State Route 77
Tucson to Oracle Junction to Globe Highway and Show Low to Holbrook Highway

Roadway: State Route 77
Length: 148 miles
Begins: Oracle Junction (MP 68.1)
Ends: Holbrook (MP 388.67)

State Route 87
Picacho to Coolidge to Chandler to Mesa to Payson to Winslow

Roadway: State Route 87
Length: 227 miles
Begins: Near Picacho (MP 115.17)
Ends: Winslow (MP 342.17)

U.S. Route 180
Holbrook to Springerville to Alpine to State Line Highway

Roadway: U.S. Route 180
Length: 120 miles
Begins: Holbrook (MP 307.3)
Ends: Arizona-New Mexico state line (MP 433.26)

U.S. Route 191
Douglas to Wilcox to Safford to Springerville to Sanders

Roadway: U.S. Route 191
Length: 259 miles
Begins: Douglas (MP 0)
Ends: Sanders (MP 368.47)

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