Engineers in Training

The purpose and intent of the Engineer in Training (EIT) and Landscape Architect in Training (LAIT) programs is to invest in the development of prospective engineers or landscape architects, while preparing them to become a Transportation Engineer or Landscape Architect  for the Arizona Department of Transportation.

EIT are hired as transportation engineer associates for 18 months. The time is divided into training blocks that are two to four months in duration. Each EIT receives his or her own training program to ensure a broad range of exposure to the many areas within the agency as an entry-level engineer. EITs are promoted into a transportation engineer specialist position after 18 months, providing they pass the Fundamentals of Engineering portion of the Professional Engineer exam. If promoted, they are on a six-month promotional probation while a permanent placement is decided. In total, the program is structured to last 24 months.

The Landscape Architect in Training (LAIT) program is 24 months in duration and consists of assignments throughout ADOT, primarily in the Intermodal Transportation Division (ITD). The program is design to allow each LAIT to develop a rotational program, in consultation with the program coordinator that will meet the LAIT's specific interests and at the same time allow the LAIT the opportunity to become a productive member of the ADOT team.