Audit and Analysis

The chief auditor for ADOT is Gregory Hill, CPA and certified internal auditor. If you have a general question about Audit and Analysis and the services they provide, please call Janine Peterson, program project specialist, at 602.712.7734.

Audit and Analysis has three teams:

  • Revenue Audit
    • Performs audits of taxpayer compliance with various statutes that require remittance of various taxes for aircraft, rental vehicles, fuel storage and fuel consumption
  • External Audit
    • Performs pre-award audits of engineering and design firms, incurred cost audits of engineering and design firms, cost audits of utility and railroad projects done for transportation-related reasons and charged to ADOT, and indirect cost allocation plans of local metropolitan planning agencies
  • Internal Audit
    • Performs audits of Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) offices, MVD third parties and licensees, road construction project costs, and ADOT processes and functions. Internal Audit also reviews Single Audits of federal funds passed through ADOT from various local government entities in Arizona, and transmits them to the ADOT program managers, highlighting any concerns raised by the Single Audits.

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