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Credit for Fees

When you transfer a plate to another vehicle (same owner), you may be eligible to receive credit for fees previously paid on the vehicle that was sold or transferred. There a $12 processing fee to apply the remaining credit. The credit is for Arizona vehicle registration fees and can only be applied to another Arizona vehicle registration. 

Plate credits may be determined online

Don’t wait! Credit reduces each month when credit or refund is not requested. Credit will be based on the number of months left on the registration of the previous vehicle at the time the credit is applied.

Credit is allowed on fees and taxes paid for the following: Vehicle License Tax (VLT), Commercial Registration Fee (CRF), Weight Fee (WGT), Motor Carrier Fee (MCF) and Special Plate Fee (SPL).

Credit can only be applied toward those fees specifically required to register the next vehicle. For example, if the vehicle sold was registered commercially and the new vehicle purchased is registered as a passenger vehicle, the Commercial Registration Fee and Weight Fee will not be credited and will no longer be available.

Credit can be applied to one vehicle registration only. It cannot be divided between two or more vehicles. Any credit remaining after the initial registration will automatically be refunded.