License Plates

Data is presented in two formats:

  1. Issued: Counts of plates issued during a fiscal year*
  2. Point-in-Time (PIT): "Snapshot" counts of plates on currently registered vehicles at the time of the report

*Fiscal year (FY) is July 1 through June 30

Issued and Renewed Plate Counts by Fiscal Year

Issued Plates FY 2011
Issued Plates FY 2010
Issued Plates FY 2009
Issued Plates FY 2008
Issued Plates FY 2007
Issued Plates FY 2006

Point-in-Time Plate Counts on Currently Registered Vehicles

PIT Plate Summary FY 2012
PIT Plate Summary FY 2011
PIT Plate Summary FY 2010 
PIT Plate Summary FY 2006-FY 2009
PIT Plate Summary FY 2002-FY 2005

For more information on special license plates and placards, please see the Vehicle Services section. 

From the ADOT Blog

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May 30, 2012

Next time you're at a party and really want to impress the crowd, try throwing out this bit of transportation trivia: more than 1.3 million new Arizona license plates were produced last fiscal year. That's a lot of plates! Full story ...