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Know Snow and Ice
Drivers need to watch for rain and snow on the road

Dec. 13, 2012

Rain, snow and cooler temperatures are all in the state's forecast this weekend, which means motorists could face some driving conditions they don't deal with too often ... Full story ...

ADOT ready for winter season; snow removal a priority

Nov. 16, 2012

Winter isn't officially here yet, but Arizona has already received some snowy weather this month. Don't worry … the season's early start hasn't caught ADOT off guard. Full story ...

Recent winter storm kept snowplow operators very busy

March 30, 2012

Just a couple days before the official start of spring, our state experienced a severe winter storm that left up to 36 inches of snow in some spots. Needless to say, that much snow meant ADOT's snowplow drivers were kept very busy through the weekend. Full story ...

ADOT closes certain state routes for winter months

Nov. 30, 2011

Snow-covered, icy highways get swift attention from ADOT crews each winter, but some routes face factors so severe, that completely closing the road down for a few months is the best option. Full story ...

ADOT set for snowy season

Nov. 14, 2011

Arizona isn't known for its harsh, winter weather conditions, but that doesn't mean we don't see some considerable snowfall during our colder months. In fact, areas up in the state's high country already had their first snowfall this season and more is on its way. So, what better time to make sure you're ready for the winter season ahead? Full story ...

ADOT maintenance crews work through the monsoons

July 31, 2012

Ever survey an Arizona freeway during a monsoon? If you have, you're likely to have seen debris in the roadway, landscapes in disarray, damage and even flooding … Full story ...

Monsoon season: Drivers should expect the unexpected

June 15, 2011

Monsoon season officially begins today, and brings with it some potentially hazardous driving conditions that all motorists should be prepared for. Full story ...

Dust Storms
From the ADOT Archives: Dust Storm Warnings

Dec. 11, 2012

Social media as we know it today simply did not exist when this photo was snapped in the summer of 1976 ... Full story ...

Vote for your favorite Haboob Haiku

June 21, 2012

When Haboob Haikus made the news all the way in New Zealand, we started to realize this Twitter challenge of ours was really taking off! Who could have guessed that #HaboobHaiku would end up yielding more than 500 stories in worldwide media outlets? Full story ...

The value of social media (aka why did we #HaboobHaiku)

June 14, 2012

We've been pretty entrenched in social media this week so we thought we'd take this opportunity to answer a question we get asked from time to time... Why, as a state agency, does ADOT commit resources to social media? Full story ...

ADOT launches "Haboob Haiku" challenge

June 12, 2012

Our mission this week is massive and we've got to admit, we are going to need a little help. We're trying to spread the word on monsoon and dust storm safety and we want to reach as many people as possible, which is where you come in! Full story ...

Pull Aside, Stay Alive

June 11, 2012

At ADOT we always want to give drivers a warning of what's coming up on the road ahead... Whether it's an impending freeway closure or a new type of traffic signal, we try our very best to get the word out ahead of time so motorists know what to expect. But, sometimes something will impact our roads (and the ability to drive them) quickly and without much notice, making it all the more difficult to get the message out. Full story ...

Dusty Roads

April 18, 2011

Arizona dust storms sometimes hit suddenly, without much notice at all. Drivers can be caught very quickly in a blinding wall of dust and debris that leaves almost no visibility. While these storms typically happen between May and September, motorists should be aware year-round of the potential danger these high-wind storms create. Full story ...