Historic Roads

List of Historic Roads

Safford District

State Route 75
Ducan to Guthrie Highway

Roadway: State Rotue 75
Length: 20 miles
Begins: Duncan (MP 378.92)
Ends: East of Guthrie (MP 398.43)

State Route 80
Benson to Douglas to Rodeo Highway

Roadway: State Route 80
Length: 122 miles
Begins: Benson, south of I-10 (MP 293.27)
Ends: West of Rodeo, at the Arizona-New Mexico state line (MP 415.39)

State Route 82
Nogales to Tombstone Highway

Roadway: State Route 82
Length: 66 miles
Begins: Nogales (MP 1.19)
Ends: Junction of SR 80, north of Tombstone (MP 67.57)

Whetstone Traffic Interchange to Junction SR 80 Highway

Roadway: State Route 90
Length: 47 miles
Begins: I-10, Exit 302 (MP 289.59)
Ends: SR 80 north of Bisbee (MP 336.4)

State Route 92
Sierra Vista to Bisbee Highway

Roadway: State Route 92
Length: 34 miles
Begins: Sierra Vista (MP 321.21)
Ends: Near Bisbee (MP 355.11)

Chiricahua National Monument Highway

Roadway: State Route 181
Length: 27 miles
Begins: Junction of US 191 (MP 38.25)
Ends: Chiricahua National Monument (MP 65.04)

Willcox to Dos Cabezas to Chiricahua Highway

Roadway: State Route 186
Length: 33 miles
Begins: Willcox (MP 326.32)
Ends: SR 181 near Chiricahua National Monument (MP 359.42)

U.S. Route 70
Globe to Lordsburg Highway

Roadway: U.S. Route 70
Length: 133 miles
Begins: Near Globe at the Junction of U.S. 60 and State Route 77 (MP 252.14)
Ends: Arizona-New Mexico state line, east of Duncan and Franklin (MP 385.25)

U.S. Route 191
Douglas to Wilcox to Safford to Springerville to Sanders

Roadway: U.S. Route 191
Length: 259 miles
Begins: Douglas (MP 0)
Ends: Sanders (MP 368.47)

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